[Mod Request] Allow Pirates to spawn and use all ship types.

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[Mod Request] Allow Pirates to spawn and use all ship types.

Post by immortalfrieza » Mon, 17. Dec 18, 01:13

I'd like to request a mod for X3 Reunion (and if possible Terran Conflict and Albion Prelude as well) that allows the Pirate faction to spawn and use any given type of ship of any other faction with the exception of the Xenon since they already fit the bill as it is. The reason I'm looking for this is that I want to be able to have a game where it's possible to build a collection of every single ship type in the game via capping, but as it is the only way to do that is to royally piss off all of the Commonwealth and/or Terran factions.

Now, I don't expect there to be and wouldn't want say, 20 Pirate Colossus running around the X universe, I just want it to be made possible for Pirates to spawn these ships and in reasonable numbers for the types. I'd say for instance have maybe 2 or 3 M1 Pirate ships at a time populate the X universe and I'd have to go hunting for them, it might not be the specific ship I'm looking for, and the ship has to be capped or destroyed to allow another to spawn.

Also, since my focus is capping if the voxol/xfir01' Bail Signal Extension and Cycrow's Salvage Claim Software were both compatible it would be great.

Thank you in advance to anyone who can make this happen.

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