X3:AP/TC not registering more than four axis

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Lilly Fireblade
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X3:AP/TC not registering more than four axis

Post by Lilly Fireblade » Mon, 3. Dec 18, 04:51

I am using the GOG version of the Terran War Pack ( X3TC- v 3.4 and X3AP v3.3 )
I am trying to use thrust master T.16000M FCS with TWCS Throttle thru T.A.R.G.E.T. to get the game to see it as one controller.
I have the options for both Throttle and Rudder active.
I have gone thru one axis at a time and the only DirectX axies that I can get to work are DX_X_AXIS, DX_Y_AXIS, DX_Z_AXIS, and DX_ZROT_AXIS.
The control menu option lists a total of 6 axies: Joystick 1 X-axis, Joystick 1 Y-axis, Joystick 2 X-axis, Joystick 2 Y-axis, Rudder/Z-axis, and Throttle.

So am I just doing something wrong or what? I looked at this FAQ but it doesn't seem to cover setups that would use more than 4 axies so I have no idea what changes I would need to do to use that workaround. If any additional information is needed just ask and I will do my best to provide it.

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