[X2] Joystick Configuration problems

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[X2] Joystick Configuration problems

Post by Aloneknight88 » Wed, 3. Jan 18, 01:22

I just got a ReDragon G807 joystick, it seems that the right stick has no purpose. I know that before you start the game you will find the command options, but it does not seem to work any change that I make.. Help?

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Post by kohlrak » Wed, 3. Jan 18, 02:36

Most games using joysticks make alot of assumptions about what your joystick can do, especially if they're old games. This is bad news for controllers. Since this looks like a PS3 controller, try the analog bumpers.

I don't know of anything within X that'll fix this, but I do know of a 3rd party solution, which will also help with other older games if that's right. It's called "vJoy."

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Thu, 4. Jan 18, 11:34

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At the top of this forum you find some tutorials about using external software such as the mentioned vjoy to make use of multiple game controllers in X3: Tutorial: Combining several Game Controllers. (Please see also the last post in that thread.) Maybe you can get the gist of it, and apply it to X2, as well.
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Post by Hank001 » Sun, 11. Mar 18, 07:53

In case anyone is still monitoring this thread and can help:
Seems Logitech was still making my favored joystick from my old X3 days; The Xtreme (apropos name eh) 3D pro. So I long ago had some scripts bound to some of the buttons. Back in 200X it took me a while to figure out how and I'd like to get back to having that ability now. I do remember it was through the bindings under my profile, but when I tried it now, nogo. Any help out there?

(Makes me wish I had those old save game files!)
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