How about cleaning up and mergeing all Cat files ?

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How about cleaning up and mergeing all Cat files ?

Post by Browser_ice » Tue, 13. Mar 18, 01:45

Since we are now up to 9 Cat files, how about someone cleans up and merge all cat files to have one single version of every single file ?

It is kind of pointless to lets say have 5 different file versions when only the last one is used.

This would help the MOD community alot and help to update them to the latest version.
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Post by euclid » Tue, 13. Mar 18, 02:20

Why do you think that only the last one is in use? And what do you mean by "clean up"; what is there to "clean"?

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Post by UniTrader » Tue, 13. Mar 18, 18:02

not really for multiple reasons:
=> there is a size limit of 2GB per dat file, so you have to split them anyway
=> to extract the reference files you have to pass all cat/dat files, and if your Extract Script/batch file is written properly (or you know how to select multiple files if using the gui for this) it doesnt matter in how many cats/dats the Game files are anyway.
=> Extract time also doesnt really change, because only the current file is extracted from the Cats/Dats when using egos tools
=> Because Steam supports only full file replacements for Uptates it would equal a full re-download of the Game - this will probably lead to many :rant: and :evil:
=> for major Updates Ego usually adds a new Cat/Dat, so you can easily see what has been changed (for minor stuff the cats/dats are usually changed, but these only contain code / balancing changes, not data-heavy Assets)
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