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What I whish X Rebirth would have

Post by Browser_ice » Fri, 23. Mar 18, 03:14

OK, I now that most of what I am proposing will never be done but this is how I would like my X Rebirth to be like the followings. If MODers can do it, then at least make it compatible with current 4.30 and all future version (not sure there will ever be others). A lot of MODs are still not compatible. Also, a lot of my need sounds like X3 but that was not the plan; I am just realizing it now.

1) better NPC model: the hands are so ugly, they look like they are clones of 2 NPCs, some of them walk as if they have something shoved up their a..

2) NPCs really working : c'mon they are all standing around as if they are alone, doing absolutely nothing, X Rebirth world surely made some technology progress but not to the point where you mind is connected to a virtual realty interface where you are using software, clicking here and there without using your hands. They need to really look like they are working, at real desks and when in recreation rooms, they need to look like they are enjoying themselves, not look like mindless zombies. Also when walking by other NPC, they should chat among themselves or at least say Hi, how you doing ?

3) small talk game should be completely removed: makes no sense; if I was living in this world and being a trader, it would not make my day just because I had a 30 sec conversation that would make me so happy I would offer free services. Nothing is free in the business world.

3) NPC traders should be contacted either directly or via station communication and they would each have different fees for their services and off course, different prices. So that would make you search more to find what best suits you as trader. Also, when you communicate with most stations, you have either the manager or a trade officer but that trade officer is totally useless. Why not use him as point of entry for getting access to all traders? Having all traders fees listed in one window would be good.

4) information point should also be removed, it might be fun the first time you play but after a few games you get fed up having to look for each one so you eventually wind up looking for MODs that give you everything.

5) Getting trading offers remotly sould be either communicating with each NPC to find the trader you like as your primary station trading entry or you buy and drop a satellite to remotely see every trader offers and you simply pick the best one; satellite option would need a specific reputation level

6) I like the general world market in X3 where you could buy actions for any specific products and influence its price with your own actions. This should be in X Rebirth too

7) All enemies should have their own economy driven by their own stations. They should be allowed to have a trading world of their own where you could deal with them if your reputation is at the right level

8) Having the choice of being part of any of the enemy factions and 7) above in place, would be fun to be on the evil side for a change and try to wreck the good faction's economy or even build your own army and go raid the good guy's zones.

9) Buying/selling stations should be allowed depending on your reputation. Imagine you see a really good station in the perfect spot, if you could buy it, it would be easier then just build one where you are not sure if it will be successful. The opposite is also true, if you could sell your own station to any NPC/factions (even the enemy factions), that would be fun.

10) CV ships should not be stuck to the station, they should be able to be freed so you can use them for other stations, using a MOD for this should not be happening, it should be part of the vanilla version

11) there should be special stations like restaurants, hotels, HQ, police station, army station, .... not just production stations. It needs a bit more varieties to make this environment more life like. With 9) above you could buy/build those for yourself or sell them. This would also imply that some specialized station (smaller size maybe?) would have to exist to supply those other kinds of structures

12) fleet of miners should also be there, its a pain having to deal with 10 miners when you could simply command the mining fleet commander to do it

13) there should be ships and stations devoted to recycling debris, in times of war that would be a good business; you could buy/build a recycling bin kind of ship to gather up debris from ships or stations that have been destroyed; using construction drones could be the way to tear apart debris pieces to bring back to your recycling ship; once full you could bring it to the recycling station and sell your stuff

14) players should be able to buy or build shipyards so they could make business selling ships at their own prices and buying all the resources for it or producing their own resources; permits would dictate what kind of ship you can build/sell

15) players should have their own choice of ships or able to take over any ships in their squads to drive them themselves

16) their should be additional upgrades/softwares to change ship things like jumping waiting time, cargo space, speed, radar range, weapons, shields, .... to any ships you own

17) ordering ships at the shipyards should give you the ability to queue your requests so once one is built, the manager would then proceed with the next one in the queue; with extra costs, you could get in front of other NPC queues; its a pain having to wait around for the current ship to be finished, especially if it is out of stocks on some parts.

18) shipyard managers should not restrain your options where if you want cargo lifters but he does not have any in stocks, he should still display it but warn you that because he has non in stock, construction time could take longer; as soon as he gets all the parts ordered, then he could start the building; this means that other building requests could be done before yours simply because their parts are all in stuck; you could also sell parts to it to prioritize your own building request

19) there should be NPC experience training (even for enemy NPC) and not just using a scale of 1 to 5 but 0 to 100, that would allow more interesting varieties in long running games (as long as we do see behavior differences caused by different experience levels); we should not have to use a MOD for this.

20) similar to the option to sell stations, there should be some kind of auctions for selling stations or ships or anything else

21) there should be passenger transport ships or transport companies; you could buy them or use them

22) there should be a specialized group (police, army,...) that would answer distress calls sent anywhere

23) why not having the option to be a station trader yourself or for that matter any specialized trader working on your own station or an NPC station?

24) we should be able to build stations just about anywhere; the only restriction would be proximity other space bodies (station, highways, asteroids, …) and minimal reputation level

25) NPC dispatchers should exit where you would assign them to handeling trading, mining, supervising construction of your stations, … this would free you to concentrate on other things

26) all player stations (especially warehouses) should have the option of choosing the trading range for any products it sells/buy; you might want one product to be sold at galaxy range while another product to be at system/sector/zone level

27) buying/selling prices should adjust according to market and what is in stuck

28) If you bought a station that is not fully built, you should be able to hire an architect who could finish the job

29) After reaching a certain reputation level, you should be able to buy your own jumping beacon and drop it where you build your stations (or right in the middle of ennemy zones with whom you have good relations; that would be funny)

30) Why not be able to destroy jumping beacons or gates to criple the economy; that would also imply there would be a group of NPCs that would either repair them or replace them; Imagine you have build a whole set of stations and by destroying jumping beacons you are affecting the economy to shift toward your favor and your stations

31) you and NPCs should have the ability to have black lists of stations or sectors

32) there should be cargo transport renting services so that would allow you not having to buy/buld ships to do trades; the ship captain would charge a fee depending on distance and cargo weight. Or you offering your cargo transport ship services with a fee. Imagine a fleet of cargo transport ships …

33) to offer a bit of danger, how about special minerals in some dangerous areas that are hard to get but are bought at high prices ?

34) Having your ship patroling a predefined set of zones would be good, not just one single zone

35) there is no sense of competition in this game with other NPCs; can't thing of anything to allow this (will come back if I do)

36) Construction drones that are working around the piece that is being consturcted on the station and not elsewhere while the added piece is slowly appearing like magic

37) Option on the verbosity level of the NPC:normal, low, none

38) Difficulty level where the complexity level of the majority of ideas above would be different. Example Easy=very simple trading setting where no fees no hassle you get one trading agent per station, Normal=you get multiple trading agents per station with different prices, Hard=multiple agents with different prices + different fees. So the difficulty level is related to how close to reality things are and not about ennemy/ship reaction difficulty
There are probably other things I thought up in the past but can’t remember them right now. If I do, I will add them here.

39) No more slider bars to enter any number kind of informations. There should be 3 things: numeric keypd, min value button, max value button

40) when setting up the price for any product of anyplayer owned station, by default, price should always be buying price=min price & selling price=max price. For warehouses it is a pain everytime when you set up minimum price when max is already there to always drag the bar all the way to the left because it was set = max-1
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