Xia Corp Auto Mining Script 2.4 for X2 The Threat

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Xia Corp Auto Mining Script 2.4 for X2 The Threat

Post by kinghamj » Sun, 22. Apr 18, 13:36

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has a copy of (or knows for sure where I could find) the Xai Corp AutoMining Script version 2.4 for X2 The threat.

I have the Xai advanced libraries 1.42 (which I got from xdownloads.co.uk in the category "X2" under "UNSORTED"), and I also found on there what purports to be version 3.0.2 of the said AutoMining script, but I can't get it to work as expected (or at least how I'd expect it to and how it should according to any description of the script and how to use it that I've been able to find.)

I'm running version 1.5 of X2 (I obtained version 1.4 from GOG, and I applied 1.5 over that). I unzipped the advanced libraries and the Automining script, putting the unzipped files into the "scripts" and "t" directories inside the X.2 install directory.

I have enabled the script editor with "Thereshallbewings", and in the script editor under "available scripts" I can see a number of "lib.Xai" scripts, and a number of "plugin.Xai" entries, including those which seem to be for the Automining (these are named beginning "plugins.Xai.AutoM.")

In the game, I have a number of Teladi Vultures, with Ore Collector, Mobile Drilling system in the rear turret, mineral scanner.

I don't see anything mining-related under "Special" in the command console, but I do see "Mine for resources" in the Trade menu, at the bottom of the list of trade commands and with no number next to it.

If I select this then it doesn't seem to do anything, however long I wait. I'm thinking I'll try the 2.4 version of the auto mining script, but I'm having no luck finding it.

It looks like the old Xai Corp web site is long gone, and I'm aware that X2 is pretty old now, but I thought I'd see if anyone might have the script I'm looking for.


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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Mon, 23. Apr 18, 17:54

Most of Xai-Corp.net should have been archived on http://archive.org/web/ . You should be able to find the respective downloads by following the links in the Auto Mining Script topic.
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Post by kinghamj » Thu, 26. Apr 18, 16:40


Thanks for that. I went to that site and found something I think I can use.

Thanks again!


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