game save data location change possible?

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game save data location change possible?

Post by donzi » Thu, 31. May 18, 12:36

Hello all!

I finally was able to push back the real life again for a while and play games by my favorite developers!

I have the fortune of a new(er) computer to play on and I have stuffed it with several storage devices..

I would like to specify/relocate where the saves are stored.

The old S.O.P. of applications for windows throwing everything into various %USER% spaces is a nightmare IMO.. particularly with games.

Perhaps there is something undocumented, suitable as a command line argument?

I'll primarily be using windows and the steam (or perhaps equivalent 'nosteam' version if available) but also, if I take a stab at resurrecting some of my old mods, will fire up the OSX and linux versions for testing.

I'd prefer not to rely on OS specific features to kludge more appropriate storage locations..

..and if nothing else, optionally being able to store game saves in a branch of the game directory would be a reasonable.

I'd like to encourage that X4 have an option for user specified saved game data location at launch -- and perhaps the 2021 X2|3|R patches can add this :-)

Thanks for reading,

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