The Return of the Titan - Upgrade of the X2 Titan

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The Return of the Titan - Upgrade of the X2 Titan

Post by Lc4Hunter » Mon, 18. Dec 17, 23:32

Hello everyone,

i´m not sure if this topic is here at the right place, but i will give it a try :P

I always loved the good old Titan from X2 and wished to see it again in game.
I know there were some mods re-introducing the old X2-Model in X3/X3TC/X3AP but the old model, to say the truth, doesn´t look really contemporary.

So i tried myself to rebuild this beauty.
Please let me know what you think. What do you like? What don´t you like?
Do you have any redommendations?

Thanks in advance and best regards,

PS: The model is still work in progress as you can see at some points like the radar dishes ;)


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Post by Hank001 » Wed, 21. Feb 18, 14:59

I'm almost embarrassed nobody saw fit to give you feedback. I hope you didn't give up. Great remake. I'm in the middle of giving a giving X3 R/TC ships a redo so some new OpenGL rendering ideas have something to work with.
Plus getting exporters to work in other 3D platforms than 3DS Max/gmax. I'd like a chance to see the files.
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Post by BrummBear02 » Sat, 17. Mar 18, 00:05

uh. i dont play the game anymore but could you send me that model? i always loved the titan and want to 3d print it
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Post by Apothos » Mon, 19. Mar 18, 01:49

Awesome job, are you planning on doing any of the others?

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Post by Omini » Fri, 1. Jun 18, 00:29

I really like it.

Kind of tempted to use your model to try and re-create it in a different game I play. Really looking forward to seeing it finished. :)
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