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about extended mod 7.5 for reunion
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PostPosted: Tue, 31. Jul 18, 07:19    Post subject: about extended mod 7.5 for reunion Reply with quote Print

I just install extended mod 7.5 on my reunion, but those marines can not use. I bought marines from military out post and install cargo life support however there is no option to launch marines in the privacy menu . I try eject marines but it just look like a cargo, I don't see any marines in space, it just a cargo. I cant use them for boarding why?. and in this extended mod there is no marines pod selling at any stations. I've look all stations in the map and do see any of them selling marines pod. so how can I use marines for boarding in this extended mod 7.5 for X3 reunion?

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PostPosted: Sun, 12. Aug 18, 17:31    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

Never played XTM, but I remember reading about a specialised boarding frigatte which you would require for using Marines and boarding.

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PostPosted: Wed, 15. Aug 18, 13:06    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

Late answer... i'm sorry Wink

XTM was the first part using marines, and the method has massively changed until then. You'll need the OTAS HCF frigate ( https://seizewell.de/xtm-schiffsliste/m8/800%20x%20600/M8%20Otas%20HCF.jpg), and that means you need to have access to the OTAS shipyard, which is a small quest Wink Keep your eyes open for a ship not moving, with #OTAS in the name. If you go near, you'll get a quest which ends in getting the coordinates of the shipyard. If you're using the HCF, the point pirate will contain an option to beam marines.... and that's the only ship with such an option Wink You'll get a feedback of green and red numbers indicating how successful your marines are. It depends on their origin and quality, not really their training Wink Be prepared to launch several hundreds if you're hunting something big. Try to practice a bit with M7 and other ships of this size before going over to M1/M2.

Anyway, the core mechanic is the same. Hit the shields and keep them below 10% before starting the process. Then hit Commands->pirate->start entering by choosing the target. stay in beaming range until all the marines are ported over, load some more marines if possible from an attached M3 freighter or similar, and load them while the porting process is still in action. If your marines are successful, the ship will be under your control and green.

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