[X Rebirth] How can I mod the GUIDANCE feature?

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[X Rebirth] How can I mod the GUIDANCE feature?

Post by X-Me » Mon, 31. Aug 20, 14:33

I know that X4 is the new fad. Alas, it's above my hardware.
So I'm still enjoying X:R -- been writing a couple mods on my own.

Lately I've been using the Guidance feature a lot, for the sake of flying around (as opposed to jumping).
I've noticed enough instances in which the Guidance has you follow a path that is unnecessarily long-winded. This happens in specific sectors, not just any one.
I do not remember it being always like this. I recall that before update 4.00 the Guidance would fly you through the shortest path correctly.

My experience with the game's files structure is limited and I haven't found were to start modding the Guidance.
Could someone give me pointers, please? :)

Posts: 137
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Re: [X Rebirth] How can I mod the GUIDANCE feature?

Post by X-Me » Sun, 13. Sep 20, 16:32

Perhaps I should provide an example of the problem.
Recently I stumbled on one of the problematic paths:

System: Albion
Sector: Ascendancy
Start point: The Third Duke (Zone 8 )
Destination: Shady Vault (Zone 2)

Here the Guidance has you take the longest path, flying through zones 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and finally 2.
The shortest path would be to take the other highway going through zones 5 and 1, and then tell you to quit as you fly-by Zone 2.
You can still do that, of course, but -if you try- the Guidance then has you quit the highway as you fly-by Zone 5, and then it makes you take the other (longer) highway to fly through zones 4, 3 and finally 2.
Talking strictly about the Guidance mechanism, looks to me that it's written well. It recognizes where to detour in order to link up with what she *believes* to be the optimal path.
So the problem -I think- is in the very data driving the Guidance.

Taking the shortest path used to be the old behavior. It changed somewhere between versions 3.60 and 4.10
There are more places where I noticed this problem over the years, but they escape me right now.
One of them is in Omycron Lyrae, I'm sure.

Back to the titular question: How can I mod the GUIDANCE feature?
Or if the Guidance mechanism itself is fine, but the data driving it is not: where is such data held?

If one of the Egosoft devs could read this and kindly give me a hint, that would be so nice.

Please assist :)
Kind regards.

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