Got my first M6

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Got my first M6

Post by Naroku » Mon, 2. Aug 10, 07:08

I am curious if there is a proper set up for the heavy centar m6 that makes it ballanced enough to handle mst situatios weapons wise? don't want to bugger it up since it is my first
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Post by Twest09 » Mon, 2. Aug 10, 07:20

I like to set mine up with Phased Repeater Guns to take out the annoying fast fighters on the Turrets and for my Main guns I use CIGs and HEPT. If you downloaded the bonus pack you can free up your turrets to attack enemies and ignore missiles by using the Mosquito Missile Defense under Additional Ship commands... I usually stock about 30 Mosquitos for that purpose.

But just experiment with different weapon layouts and you will find one that suits you best.

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Post by garv222 » Mon, 2. Aug 10, 08:18

I used a heavy centaur for my first m6. I recommend Phased repeater guns on the turrets. They pack enough punch and tracking speed to harass fighters. For the main guns, you can use concussion impulse generators or ion pulse generators, but these drain the energy on the ship rather quickly. If you filled the main guns with CIG, I think at most you would get possibly 5-6 shots from all the guns. That might be an exaggeration, but I remember I had to limit myself to 3-4 guns due to severe energy shortage. Still, CIG due pack a hefty punch and are very satisfying to shoot. They make a loud boom and can send smaller ships reeling from the physical push of the projectile blast.

Filling the main guns with High energy plasma throwers provide much more stable continuous damage. HEPT are probably better for hitting m3-m5 ships. They use considerably less energy than CIG and the shield damage is actually somewhat comparable to CIG, especially over extended periods of time. HEPT are also more useful in larger battles where energy use is very important where your turrets are firing constantly.
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Post by cj-spartacus » Mon, 2. Aug 10, 08:43

By replacing the heavier hitting CIGs with EBCs and keep around 200 units of ammo in your cargo bay then you can put PRGs on the turrets with no fear of losing your fighter defence.

EBC aren't as powerful as CIGs but I have taken out a xenon J in a skate prototype filled with these.
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