Argon M6 question

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Argon M6 question

Post by kotorone1 » Wed, 1. Sep 10, 19:42

What is the difference between a heavy centaur and a heavy centaur prototype?

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Post by BeidAmmikon » Wed, 1. Sep 10, 19:46

It's useful to look the ships up on

Heavy Centaur vs. Heavy Centaur Prototype

Or click on the link on the left on those pages - "Space ships properties" and search for any ship you want.
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Post by Carlo the Curious » Wed, 1. Sep 10, 19:47

Prototype is faster, has less cargo, and bigger generators.

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Post by silentmaster101 » Wed, 1. Sep 10, 21:11

which is funny, because you would think a prototype would be a less developed and tested relic. so less powerful and less optimized.

unless they mean prototype as in the next generation of them.

which they never specified. go figure.

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Post by crendesmus » Wed, 1. Sep 10, 21:45

I think a prototype would be better because you can put alot more expensive gear in a prototype than you could put in a production model. Look at all the features concept cars have that never make it into production models because of expences.

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Post by pjknibbs » Wed, 1. Sep 10, 22:15

Both ways work. Sometimes a prototype is a half-finished version and is thus worse, and sometimes they're proofs of concept that get toned down for cost reasons when they hit the mass production stage. (Music CDs are a perfect example of this--you really COULD drill a hole through the prototypes and they'd still play fine, but the ones you buy today are made of much cheaper materials and tend not to survive such behaviour quite as well).

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Post by kotorone1 » Wed, 1. Sep 10, 23:29

So a prototype ship might be better or worse than the main production model. Do any protype ships have more weapons or are the all the same weapons wise?

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