[TC] Generating M6s in abandoned ship missions.

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Generating M6s in abandoned ship missions.

Post by A_Sebastian » Thu, 16. Sep 10, 12:47

Forgive me for asking in a new thread if a relevant one already exists, but my luck with the search feature is about as up there as trying to get across a Kha'ak sector in a 100 m/s ship with no shields.

I am having issues getting M6s to spawn in my abandoned ship missions. I keep getting either M8s, lots and lots of M8s, or TS's. I have gotten a couple M6s to spawn, quite literally just a couple. Everything else has been as I listed above.

So my questions to my fellow forum warriors are these...

1. What rank are you in the relevant trait?

2. What ship class are you piloting when you accept the mission(s)?

3. Can you think of any other factors that may contribute to your ability to spawn an M6 over any other ship class?

Thats all I got for now. Let me leave out by saying thank you ahead of time to any and all that can help with this issue.


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Post by imperium3 » Thu, 16. Sep 10, 13:02

In order to get M6s (and M7s!) I think you have to be at top or second-highest rank with the race offering the mission. AFAIK that's the only thing that determines it.

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