X2 the threat - Is it possible to cap Tl, M6 or M2

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X2 the threat - Is it possible to cap Tl, M6 or M2

Post by redminer9999 » Wed, 28. Mar 12, 16:42

Really need a Tl but don't have the $$$

Sorry if this has already been posted or something.
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Post by TBV » Wed, 28. Mar 12, 16:52

TL and M2 no, I'm afraid not.

I believe it is possible to cap an M6 at high combat ranks during assasination missions.

EDIT: Oops. It is possible to capture a Xenon K during Xenon Taxi missions
when you are Ace of Aces first class or higher IIRC.

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Post by jlehtone » Wed, 28. Mar 12, 17:42

As said above:
  • TL - no
  • M2 - no, except Xenon K's that spawn on Xenon Taxi mission (on three highest combat ranks).
  • M6 - no, except escorts of Assassination mission target. Furthermore, on average about only 1 in 100 can bail.

If you don't mind getting way too easy money, squash Xenon Invasions.
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