[X3:TC] Terran Shipyard bugged?

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Jimmy C
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[X3:TC] Terran Shipyard bugged?

Post by Jimmy C » Sun, 6. Oct 13, 20:18

I finished the Aldrin missions and decided to get some stations from the newly available yard and discovered something funny going on.
First, I docked a Mammoth and an MMBS with the yard. Then I proceeded to buy and load Silicon mines onto the MMBS. The menu said I had space for 6, but I only bought 4. Then I checked the freight listing on the MMBS and discovered it only listed 3 mines!
I reloaded and tried again with the Mammoth, same results.
I also tried the other items on my shopping list, a crystal fab, food and bio. Only two of the 3 appeared in the freight listing!
I tried to see if dropping a station would make the "lost" ones appear, no luck.
The "lost" stations also didn't reflect on the cargo hold capacity numbers.
Has anyone else seen this?
I am not using any mods.

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Post by Geek » Sun, 6. Oct 13, 20:27

Was there really a lost station ?
I did not read you checked the other TL when buying them.

When you dock several TLs at a SY, the SY take into account the overall capacity of all TLs, it is intended to make building complexes easier.
Right on commander !

Jimmy C
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Post by Jimmy C » Sun, 6. Oct 13, 21:24

Now I checked, yes, it was automatically loaded into the other TL. This was the first time I had 2 TLs at a yard and didn't realize how it did things differently. Oops.

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Post by TTD » Sun, 6. Oct 13, 23:42

Don't worry.

I did that a looong time ago.
Thought I'd been robbed ! :lol:

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