TPHQ mod to use Terran resources?

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TPHQ mod to use Terran resources?

Post by smytus » Mon, 6. Jan 14, 05:27

Is there a mod that alters the HQ.XML to use terrain items, like hull plating and c-rations instead of commonwealth goods? I have looked for a few days with no luck, even looked at the HQ.XML but can't figure out what's SS_WARES to use.

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Post by DrBullwinkle » Mon, 6. Jan 14, 06:30

You can look up the wares you need in the TWare files (using X3Editor).

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Post by RoverTX » Mon, 6. Jan 14, 08:10

You can't make each PHQ use different resources, but you can make different race's ship use different items based on race.

They do this in the base game for Khaak ships like so

Code: Select all

    <!-- Nividium -->
    <resource typename="SS_WARE_NIVIDIUM2">
      <factor racemask="khaak" value="170000" primary="1" />
Notice the racemask attribute you can do this for multiple races by doing the following.

Code: Select all

    <!-- Teladianium -->
    <resource typename="SS_WARE_R255">
      <factor racemask="argon|boron|split|paranid|teladi|pirate|yaki|goner"  value="28333" primary="1" />
    <!-- Hull Plating -->
    <resource typename="SS_WARE_TR_TECH8">
      <factor racemask="terran|atf|xenon" value="28333" primary="1" />
Teladianium will be used for argon boron split paranid teladi pariate yaki and goner ships.

Hull Platting will be required for Terran ATF and Xenon ships.

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