Terran Rep drops for unknown reasons and Complex in Aldrin attacked?

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Terran Rep drops for unknown reasons and Complex in Aldrin attacked?

Post by Androgeus » Fri, 7. Feb 14, 23:11

I have a complex in Aldrin, currently high rep that drops with Terrans (@ 10 right now), yet a Terran ship is attacking complex? No idea what is wrong. I am on linux and have no mods, except for the expansion pack 5.1.00. Complex has been there quite a while, My rep drops some for unknown reason and I have been able to play an older save, raise rep and keep it from happening, but it is no longer working.

Have tried to search the forums and found nothing. Only worried because my PHQ is in Aldrin 2 for now and really don't want to have to start over again.

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Post by hisazul » Sat, 8. Feb 14, 02:01

Check your friend foe settings then use global commands and send it to all reachable properties.
if someone attacks you try apologizing if it doesn't work turn him into space garbage then apologize to any military ship around.

Its possible your combat ship on patrol/defense/etc if you have any, got hit with friendly fire or bad orders or what ever and his FF settings got screwed. Hell any ai piloted ship even transporters and the like have a chance to get hit with some IS friendly fire and have their FF settings messed up.

As soon as, for what ever reason, ai piloted ships engage in combat they tend to switch their FF settings on their own. Reason why pirates are pain in the ass to stay friendly with, some hostile ones spawn show up in your sector get thrashed by defenses and then all your defenders treat any pirate ship as enemy -_-

That's all I can think of for the moment. Its really a matter of keeping an eye on who gets attacked etc and finding the culprit.

Heck... poorly placed station can cost you reputation. Autopilot smashes in your station... you take rep loss, doesn't matter that pilot crashed on his own...as long as its your station apparently its your fault. This is another cause strictly IS related tho. Can aggravate military when it happens with you around but by the time military ships actually get to you... you are LONG gone. Especially in the case of aldrin... that sector is huge and it can take hours for slow military ships to move from one side to the other.

Could be you shot him by accident LONG time ago and he is still upset. Could be you have illegal goods. Or produce illegal goods... that would definetly cause friendlies to attack your complex no matter what. If a station produces illegal ware it will get attacked regardless of your reputation. Maybe you took recover ship mission and forgot to turn it in? If you don't turn in the ship you get a few hostiles sent after it.

Erm... Ok I really can't think of any more reasons ~_~

Re-check your FF settings, make sure your complex isn't producing illegal wares. Try apologizing to nearest military ship. If all else fails blow it up and move on.
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Post by Nanook » Sat, 8. Feb 14, 02:18

Assuming this is AP, if you have assets flying through the war zones, perhaps defending themselves against Terran attacks (which will happen if your Terran rep is lower than your Argon rep), then that may be the cause of your drop in Terran rep. And when you say your Terran rep is at '10', what do you mean, exactly?
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Post by Androgeus » Sat, 8. Feb 14, 02:29

I am never in the zone, so no ships can crash into station right?

And it is a Terran military ship that keeps attacking it.

In fact the Aldrin zone military ships attack the terran military ship. If I attack it then all of them attack me. About to fly my m7m ship in there and destroy it for good in case its just one AI that keeps messing up when it comes around to my station or say screw it and call the station a loss.

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Post by DrBullwinkle » Sat, 8. Feb 14, 02:50

What does the complex sell? Any Contraband?

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Post by OniGanon » Sat, 8. Feb 14, 04:26

DrBullwinkle wrote:What does the complex sell? Any Contraband?
This is my suspicion as well.

I haven't tested it, but I don't think that old 'build your booze/weed in Terran space' idea works so well in AP.

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Post by TTD » Sat, 8. Feb 14, 22:59

I was going to ask that as soon as I read the op.

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