Where to buy terran factories?

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Where to buy terran factories?

Post by Symont » Sat, 31. May 14, 12:44

I'm trying to find Phantom missiles but the factories just disapeared from the universe :( Ok then, i'm going to build one. The only problem is that no shipyard actually sells the factory.
Anyone knows how/where i can build one?

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Post by OzWraith » Sat, 31. May 14, 14:28

Is there a south gate in Neptune? Hopefully, you know the answer to this question, because you've completed the relevant plot that ends with it. If so, you'll find the only Terran Shipyard that sells stations in Terran Unknown Sector 2.

Otherwise, you need to complete the Aldrin plot (not to be confused with the Terran Plot where you discover the Aldrin sector).

You can buy Phantom Missile Factories. Unfortunately, you can't buy Spectre Missile Factories. This discovery made me sad. :(

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Post by Zaitsev » Sat, 31. May 14, 18:37

If you're playing AP you can buy the Phantom factory from the shipyard in the Moon sector. If you're playing TC you'll have to complete the Aldrin plot as OzWraith said.
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Post by Symont » Sun, 1. Jun 14, 15:12

I'm playing tc and haven't done aldrin yet :(
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Post by Cayo124 » Fri, 6. Jun 14, 09:10

sorry. off topic.
I can't remember when Aldrin Plot comes in. I have heard of Google, but... ;)

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Post by Nanook » Fri, 6. Jun 14, 20:21

The FAQ is your friend. :mrgreen:
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