OS X Free version - support thread

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OS X Free version - support thread

Post by rboerdijk » Thu, 28. Jan 16, 11:59

OS X Free version - support thread

General information

Manuals can be downloaded from here

Our wiki can be found here:
https://www.egosoft.com:8444/confluence ... birth+Wiki

System and driver compatibility:

The port was developed on OS X 10.10 and later 10.11 - but it should run on 10.9.

The requirements currently state OpenGL 4.2, but it should run under OpenGL 3.3 with approximately these extensions:
- ARB_framebuffer_sRGB
- EXT_texture_sRGB
- EXT_texture_sRGB_decode
- ARB_vertex_attrib_binding

The minimum hardware requirements state "Intel Iris Pro", but it should run with "Intel Iris" - we can't make any statement on performance on such a system though. Feel free to download the free version to try it out.


Savegames are stored under /Users/<username>/Documents/EgoSoft/X Rebirth Free/save.
Savegames of the Free version are not compatible with savegames of the full version.

Joystick/Controller setup:

Xbox-like controllers are not supported out-of-the box on OS X. You will need to install an "xbox controller driver".

Go to Settings, Controls and Load Profile. Select "Default - Joystick" to get a good starting point. You will probably have to set up button mappings (mainly in Controls, Space), as the default will most likely not exactly fit your specific joystick. If the default axis configuration is incorrect you can remap them the same way as buttons. To invert an axis search for "Invert Axes" in the Controls menu in the "Controller / Joystick" sub-section.

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