Terran TL with station kit?. (Ghoul fab).

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Terran TL with station kit?. (Ghoul fab).

Post by Dreez » Sat, 1. Apr 17, 21:22

Currently in my playthrough, the GoD-engine has seem fit to remove all Ghoul stations
and i can't seem to get a Skirnir to give some to me from a cap.
I did some research on the matter and it was mentioned that you can hijack a TL carrying a stationkit,
but how do i get that TL to spawn, and with that specific factory on board!?.

I don't feel like installing Cycrow's cheat-mod, but this missing Ghoul-fab is a splinter in my eye..

Any knowledge in how to solve this without resorting to cheating?.
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Post by Snafu_X3 » Sun, 2. Apr 17, 02:24

If you request ghoul missiles in a station nearby you /may/ bet GoD to spawn another fab, but this thought is not backed by facts :(

Other than that I think you're stuffed, unless the SY in A2 provides you with a fab (can't remember precise details of which game version you're playing ATM)
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