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Post by RainerPrem » Mon, 19. Mar 18, 06:44

ajime wrote:you could try to build a station in xenon space and see if they come to buy your microchips :D
Yeah, that would definitely be a challenge. :-)

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Post by Alan Phipps » Mon, 19. Mar 18, 13:02

As the Xenon AGI and technology is self-designed and evolving, I doubt that they would want any technology as deliberately limited as that which anyone else produces. I would think that raiding R&D labs and universities to farm 'advanced bio-computing resources' (smart brains - also containing opposing technology advancement data) may be more their style. :wink:
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Post by ballti » Mon, 19. Mar 18, 13:16

Xenon space is too small for brain empire.
BTW, somthing nice hepning, jump drive and Sanahar :) .

Now map is open, Xenon space looks good for base (hi end stations). Mealstrom: water + both food + maybe some cells, Cold Star: focus on mining..
base on galaxy lvl vs all in one sector (Cold Star), more intensive progress/gampelay vs better final product.. hm?

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