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Help with XR VR

Post by juanitierno » Thu, 22. Mar 18, 18:50


I posted in the XR VR forum, but there seems to not be much movement there, hoping to get an answer over here (hope I'm not the only one playing VR lol!)


I have a few questions:

1) Is there a way to make it so the menus while piloting appear in front instead of to the side? It's a pain to have to turn around to access the panel, and even more of a pain to click the lower-right buttons. I would love if there was a way to make them appear at the center of the screen like when walking on a station.

2) Is there a mission guide for VR somewhere? From what I've read the missions greatly differ from the normal non-VR game, so the guides won't be useful.

3) I "failed" one of the initial missions.... the plot told me to accept a xenon buildup mission, but when I arrived the ship I was supposed to protect was at like 5% hull and died. I was expecting to see the "wait for further xenon information" plot mission to appear, but played for about half an hour and it did not... (about 3 hours now, and no way to continue the plot... help?)

4) Is there a way to un-assign controls? In particular the "hold left thumb rest to recenter view" is very annoying, since I have big thumbs and always end up pressing it by mistake.

5) Is there a way to make cockpit interfaces clickable-through? They always get in the way of targeting/docking, and I end up opening the side panel instead of what I wanted to do. (edit: Minimized this problem by switching cockpit designs)

Thanks in advance!

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Post by Nanook » Thu, 22. Mar 18, 20:00

And about the only movement you'll get on this forum is back to the correct one. Sorry, but them's the rulez. :wink:

Besides, double posting in two different forums is also a no-no.
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