Report# DD-95750 - Overlay crash - Feedback Request

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Report# DD-95750 - Overlay crash - Feedback Request

Post by rboerdijk » Thu, 30. Oct 14, 15:25

If this is your first visit to Egosoft Technical Troubleshooting, then please read the Introduction.


Problem Description

The specific crash you have experienced appears to be related to third-party software (e.g. Steam overlay, or Fraps) displaying an overlay while running X Rebirth. You can help us narrow down the issue by answering the questions below.


Feedback Requested

Does this happen reproducibly?
• If reproducible, what are the steps to force a crash?
• If not reproducible, how often does this crash happen for you?
• Does disabling the Steam overlay (if relevant) solve the problem?
• Does disabling the Fraps overlay (if relevant) solve the problem?

You can contact us by mailing with subject "DD-95750" and including the requested information.



Some third-party software is known to be incompatible with X Rebirth. If you are running any of the following then please disable them to avoid problems:
• AMD's Gaming Experience overlay
• AMD Raptr
• NVidia Shadowplay (nvspcap64.dll)
• Rivatuner (RTSSHooks64.dll)

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