Troubleshooting: Dual GPU AMD/ATI Radeon Mobile

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Troubleshooting: Dual GPU AMD/ATI Radeon Mobile

Post by rboerdijk » Wed, 17. Dec 14, 10:48


The game shows it it using the integrated (slow) GPU. How do I make sure it's using the discrete (fast) graphics card. Note that these adapters do not expose two different display adapters to Windows, at least not in DX9. Even though the laptop might use the high performance GPU for the game, the adapter name may still be displayed incorrectly in the configuration menu!


Installing AMD Radeon Drivers

First, Make sure you download the latest drivers here:
Step 1: Notebook graphics
Step 2: Radeon HD Graphics
Step 3: "Read your graphics sticker on your laptop" and select it
Step 4: Pick your Operating System

Second, install it.

Third, reboot your laptop.


How To Configure AMD Radeon Switchable Graphics

Configuring starts at 2:20.

HP Notebooks: ... lc=en#N139



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