How to get X3 Map by Scorp working on X3:FL?

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How to get X3 Map by Scorp working on X3:FL?

Post by pezak » Sat, 3. Jul 21, 23:26

Bear in mind I have never done this before.

I have installed the map in the /addon2 folder in root X3:TC folder.
I have copied the script and bonus script into the X3:TC /script folder in the /addon2 folder.
I have keybinded the Extensions in the game, and it worked properly (albeit nothing was shown in the subtitles, even though I have them on).
I have run the map, clicked the ... button and set it to log00001.

After all of that, the map has refreshed, said custom map is loading and... nothing changed. No new sectors and all the free ships are skewn around like in the default map for X3:TC.
Did I do something wrong? What do I do now?

As a side note, I also tried the log file in the Documents folder, but it perma crashed the map and I needed to reinstall it.

Thank you for your help. :D

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Re: How to get X3 Map by Scorp working on X3:FL?

Post by Aldebaran_Prime » Thu, 8. Jul 21, 23:17

In the map-progamm "X3 map by Scorp", after start you need to select the right log00001 manually:
Klick on "O" at the top right corner
Click on "..." in section" Your Logfile" of the "O" Dialog
Go to folder Documents/Egosoft/X3FL
Select the log00001.txt
- confirm
New map is loaded

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