[X4 SV+CoH] After The Supernova (CoH Project Genesis)

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Re: [X4 SV+CoH] After The Supernova (CoH Project Genesis)

Post by Ormac » Tue, 20. Feb 24, 07:57

Ship Breaker

I take a few deep breaths and some stretches before turning a round and boarding the Chimera. The split hurriedly stow the maintenance equipment before climbing the ladder and heading for the rear of the ship.

I take off and once away from Slave Trader 2 set a heading for the sector Two Grand. Once there I ask a fellow pilot for direction to the nearest wharf and they helpfully suggests the sectors northern gate. I eventually locate the Wharf but it belongs to the Argon of Guiding Star.

I walk to the local ship dealership.

Hello there, can I interest you in a new ship?
Uh.. No thank you.
Well welcome to the Guiding Star Wharf. Originally settled to possibly combat your Terran Navy. We have become self reliant, able to defend our sector. We have even held off various Split Families that have tried to claim the sector during the Shutdown.
Have you had many new visitors since the Gates started reconnecting?
A few, mostly locals though, the occasional trader from Impulsive Venerable Konglomerate from Argon Prime. Speaking of which they were supposed to be delivering a consignment of engine parts from the Open Market a fortnight ago.
Anything I can do.
No, probably not. Anyway thanks for the chat

I’m not sure why I went and saw the ship dealer when I realised this was not a Teladi Company Wharf. It sounds concerning that a trade shipment has been noticeably delayed and not been filled by the Teladi Company or Trade Guild given their proximity to Guiding Star. I’m passing by a factory in Two Grand when I get a proximity warning. I am not dangerously close to the station so a quick glance/study of the gravidar display and there’s a large blip that the computer is identifying as a Xenon destroyer.

It’s a large ship and is making an approach towards the station. There is not a lot of infrastructure in the sector so I decide to slow it down before the station is in direct danger. I approach the large Xenon vessel which does not match any account of the Xenon from the Terraformer Conflict that occurred in the past in my own sector of Brennan’s Triumph. Rather this large Xenon vessel is taller and rounder and no external indication of decks. The Chimera is too fast and agile for the bigger cannons to get a good track on me and I’m soon hugging the curved hull, lining up my rays to target one of the engines and a few moments later the engine ruptures and dies. I skim over the top of the Xenon and cause the second engine to explode in the same manner.

With the Xenon immobile, I now buzz around the hull destroying turret systems both large and small as well as component shielding. With the Xenon now effectively disarmed and immobile I target the main shield generator. It explodes and arcs out but there must be internal shield capacitors as there are still readings to indicate that the Xenon is still shielded. I switch over to the auto cannons and after continuous bursts with periods to let the guns dump their heat load I am reading a small decline in the shielding level. However not enough to suggest I’ll crush this machine myself. I’ve effectively saved the station under threat but there has been no response from the Teladi either a sector patrol or an armed response. I call in my own forces and by the time they arrive and begin their attack I’ve reduced the residual shielding to half.

I decide to fly north to the defence station to report my encounter, halfway there the computer alerts of another threat. A check of the gravidar shows another large blip. Only problem is it’s larger than before. It’s 20-30 kilometres away, heading towards the station we just saved. That is until it isn’t and slowly tracks towards me. The computer is having a hard time identifying it but it indicates it’s longer and wider than the destroyer. Wanting to continue to the defence station to make my report and warn them. I resume heading north at max throttle of all three engines. I position the stationbetween myself and the Machine and look back, that Xenon is still coming. I don’t want to stick around or risk my small fleet so open a comm channel to the station. I tell tell them that I dealt with a destroyer and that there is a large unknown Xenon threat approaching.

This is Teladi Defence Platform VAO-238 Sector Two Grand Pilot Pleassse Clarify.

I drop my head and close the link. It sounds like the same communication officer from earlier, all about the right form and correct change only.
I’ll leave the Teladi to their profitable exchange with the machine, I’ve done all I can.

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Re: [X4 SV+CoH] After The Supernova (CoH Project Genesis)

Post by Ormac » Mon, 4. Mar 24, 03:58


I fly though the gate entering Profit Center Alpha and switch over to the fleet channel asking everyone to check in.

Fleet Leader, Meli Barnard,Bone Naga, Checking in
Bela Grey, Sloth, Checking in
Manda Gisler, Geometric Owl, Checking In
Hoealeos, Porcupine, Checking in

With everyone accounted for, having sent Foologos ahead earlier to try locating a Teladi Company Wharf. I land on the Bone Naga, have the fleet head south of Profit Center Alpha and request a debrief about the Xenon Encounter.

Entering the captains ready room Meli is waiting along with projections of the other ship captains in the cross fleet communication.

Okay everyone give me your assessment of the Xenon destroyer.
Fairly straightforward
Easssy Profittsss

What do you mean Profits?
Guild Bounty for Profit Protection, Large ship, large Reward
It was basically a hulk when we got there, damaged and inert, cause of the commander.

Alright, Alright, Everybody I’ll give each of you a bounty. No need to worry who earned it.
Anything else about the Xenon?

No Ma’ am just standard station threatening siege machines. The Argon Factions have encountered those from time to time.

I show The preliminary information of the other Xenon that I observed and noone can provide anything useful other than a general agreement at it does appear to be of Xenon design.
I spend a few minutes in the ready room transferring 800,000 in bounties.

825-2-12 22:00 News Flash

Xenon Incursion into Profit Center Alpha

Earlier today Xenon forced an incursion into Profit Center Alpha. This incident occurred with little warning and did not follow previous patterns of raiding parties but a single large Xenon. It is rumoured that the sector Two Grand had been lost hours earlier to the machines. Although that status has yet to be confirmed

Contact with the Teladi Defence Platform was lost and has not been reestablished at this time. Teladi Company CEO has made requests to the Ministry of Finance for immediate emergency relief and has open contracts for interested parties in mitigating the financial losses of Two Grand

Gyssyndrues Mudymos Ynaquas I Military Affairs Corespondent.

Ship location Trinity Sanctum Three. Setting course for Paranid Wharf
Belay that course, new destination Trinity Sanctum Shipyard.
Navigation! We have new orders.
New destination helmsman Trinity Sanctum Shipyard.
Setting new heading captain, desstination confirmed.

The news broadcast it troubling, I’ll go talk to the faction representative and see if they can assist the Teladi.

The invitation got me brief audience with the representative but only enough time to formally recognise slightly better standing than the average citizen with access to basic military equipment. No significant political sway, but they did say that organisations throughout the empire may decide to approach me now.

The Paranid wharf wasn’t my initial destination, If it wasn’t for Foologos scouting mission I would not have realised there was a second wharf in the system. We arrive at this other wharf and after purchasing some freighters to replace those lost and some that will satisfy the Trade Guild.

The ship dealer indicates that this Paranid designed wharf actually belongs to the independent faction Alliance of the Word. The hand me a small near circular disc that looks to be made from glass. With a request to participate in a short survey to rate their performance. All surveys are to be carried out in person with Almanckuttall the factional representative of Alliance of the Word. I am eventually ushered into Almanckuttalls Office. He glances at me and after a few moments of gazing I step forward and place the glass disc on the desk before taking two steps back. Almanckuttall stares at the disc handling it like a sacred object as he rotates it on the desk in front of him. He then places it under the desklamp and then gazes at it once again. He then flexes his fingers and straightens.

Greetings Doctor Pioola, We have been observing your activities for some time. We are honoured that you have approached our organisation voluntarily.
Our purpose during the Shutdown was to preserve the culture and histories of the residents to the gate network. Our current goal is to understand the gates themselves and would appreciate the help of the foremost minds.

Oh You want to talk to the Boron, well he’s listening you know.

Raising his hand my utterance of Boso catches in my throat Almanckuttall continues
Really young Terran you claim novice in your encounters before the Holy Fires. The light of your path is your own. Now all are welcome to our rescued knowledge to protect against the Flames.
This token is yours young Terran.

Almanckuttall offers the disc back his palms up.

I take the disc and then respectfully back out of the office trying not to show my embarrassment and mindful not to fall over the plants.

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Re: [X4 SV+CoH] After The Supernova (CoH Project Genesis)

Post by Ormac » Sat, 16. Mar 24, 01:20

A New Type of Ship

<beep> <beep> <beep> <beep>

The chronological alarm dragged me away from my research sortie
I had lost track of time as I had continued to scour the Histories and Cultural Records gathered by the Alliance of the Word over the last 24 years.


History and Origins

Equally precarious is the historical authenticity of the purported First Patriarch of the Split
Ghus t' Gllt, who, it is told, reunited his scattered and mutually estranged people, discovered the scientific abilities of female Split and introduced the custom of "bridles". It is certain only that these events occurred:


So however suspiciously we consider our first contact with the Split their tales of their first Patriarch might be true or just common folklore.

I started checking cultural accounts after my search of the large xenon vessel observed at Two Grand and assaulting Profit Center Alpha returned scant information aside from a belonging to a potentially newer iteration generally classified as “Branch 9”.
I may need to interrogate other recorded sources. Boarding the Bone Naga I ask to fly to the vicinity of the Segaris Station. As I’ve had a request from Ako Song for a meeting. Once the Naga arrives I fly down to the station and make my way to the managers office.

Hello there Ma’am,
Hello Miss Song, Any reason you requested this meeting? You’ve regularly trasfered profits from the station.
The station basically runs itself. Mind if we take a walk while I outline an ideas for expanding the station?

Grabing up the tablet from her desk Ako Song heads for the door.
This way Ma’am
As she turns away from the lifts and heads along other access ways. After a few strides.
We heard about the Xenon at Profit Center, and Bela debriefed about the encounter at Two Grand.
You talked to Captain Grey.
Of course Ma’ am, she stopped over on her way to Segaris and gave details the network broadcast left out. What you did was brave and smart.
So… the station...?
Miss Song hands over the tablet showing the station blueprints
Right we thought adding a habitation ring, some extra storage and a pier would improve things considerably.
I scan the blueprints and hand over the tablet.
The draft looks fine, I’ll get them finalised and organise for the materials.
I probably should get going.

I have one other item on this meetings agenda
Ako says as se leads me down normally restricted areas of the station back to the landing pads.

A high pitched squeal is heard from the trading corner and a few moments later someone runs off the travelator colliding into Ako

Are you alright Miss Armstrong?
I am Miss Song.
You didn’t give all your money over to Horasuimas did you?
What that lizard has a name! No Ma’am I didn’t.

Miss Armstrong!
Apologies Ma’am.
Miss Armstrong, This is Doctor Pioola.
Ooh, Ooh, Ooh. Is it time Miss Song,
It is, Head on over.

Ako and I follow behind to one of the empty small landing pads.

What’s Going On?
We organised a small surprise
Bela, Myself, Miss Barnard, Miss Gisler, even your friend Hoealeos. Although she was not happy about parting with her credits.
Now Miss Armstrong.

Working the terminal, warning klaxons sound and the pad splits open as something is recalled from the depths of the station. What emerges is a sleek Terran vessel. The young lady starts jumping up and down shouting Do you like it!
Ako leans in So what do you think of your very own, brand new ship?

I walk over to the ship and pace down the nose to the entry ladder. Climb aboard and start the process with the station redundancy interaction system to obtain flight clearance.
I perform a tight turn to correct a less then ideal approach to the nearby accelerator.

I open the throttle and am impressed with the acceleration and the absolute silence of the Terran engines. Swivelling the pilot chair I see Miss Armstrong picking herself up off the floor.

Ugh I think the dampeners might need a tweak.
Why are you here Miss Armstrong?
I’m the ships engineer, and wanted to hear your opinion of the ship after a shakedown.
Well did you bring your toolkit?
It’s back on the station, we are heading back there after this little jaunt.
Well I’m going to see the Ministry Representative and then I’ve got to visit the Argon and then a few tasks at Antigone Memorial.
Oh that’s almost home and 2,000 kilometres away.
Well I know I’ll enjoy the solitude.
It’s a good thing we’re provisioned with ready to eat meals.
If it’s all right with you Ma’am I’ll go analyse the engineering diagnostics.

What I didn’t tell Miss Armstrong is that we’re heading to Profit Center Alpha as that’s where the representative for the Ministry of Finance is at the Equipment Dock. I’m going to pick up something at Silent Witness so it’s not a financially wasted trip. I take a short extra detour near the Silent Witness Gate of Eighteen Billion to repair some station data leaks and to test out the airlock.
Every peg has a suit and every suit has the registration number of the ship and the name Pioola. This certainly involved Captain Grey.

Eventually I arrive at the equipment dock and complete the trade. It’s a bit of a wait to see the representative, not because they’re particular about who buys their basic military ships and equipment. It’s just a backlog of applications due to the Ministry’s temporary ceremony suspension because of the Xenon incursion; recently being lifted.


Segaris Station
Frog [VDV-141]

Takaru Memorial Station
Hokkaido (Gas) [AXP-469]
Hokkaido (Mineral) [KBR-924]

Baldric ([CCC-215]
Bolo (Mineral) [FRT-717]
Bolo (Mineral) [HFT-914]
Bone Naga [RDX-351] (Meli Barnard)
Geometric Owl [QSK-395] (Manda Gisler)
Heron Vanguard [QER-971]
Hokkaido (Gas) [BJR-924]
Hokkaido (Mineral) [VJA-465]
Magpie Sentinel [NJR-704]
Porcupine [BMU-852] (Hoealeos)
Rapier [FHK-882] (Devika)
Raven [ACN-270] (Foologos)
Sloth [LYK-186] (Bela Grey)
Solitude [LNO-034]
Tern Vanguard [WZM-721]
Tuatara [ZYP-027]
Vulture Vanguard [GXV-894]
Vulture Vanguard [KPT-066]
Vulture Vanguard [WTT-994]
Vulture Vanguard [XIA-771]

Credits: 106,791,502

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Re: [X4 SV+CoH] After The Supernova (CoH Project Genesis)

Post by Ormac » Mon, 1. Apr 24, 08:56

All Promotions Lead

Although there’s no longer an urgency until the next Xenon Incursion, I’m still going to visit the Argon and then head to Antigone Memorial. Riding the highway till Argon Prime should provide copious engineering data for Miss Armstrong to analyse while I’m seeing the Argon representative.

As I’m approaching the wharf to meet the representative I’m tuning the radio towards the interaction system band when I hear what might be a beacon signal but over the station airspace control reserved bands. I have the computer eventually isolate and identify the distinct band and it’s a communication request from an individual wanting to be transported from the station to another in Argon Prime. I accept the job and then proceed to dock and prepare to see the representative.

Just another promotion ceremony but this time the Argon will also allow me access to their shipyard which means Large and well Extra Large craft and some heavy hitting military grade equipment.

What information does the Argon have on the Branch 9 Xenon?
What information we have will be accessible to those assisting in our efforts to combat them. We regularly send a duplication of our findings to Sandwell, for comparative analysis, redundancy and archiving.
Hang on Sandwell in Antigone Memorial.
That’s right. It has always been the way, even before the shutdown.
Why is that?
Well the Antigone Republic didn’t exist before the shutdown and Antigone Memorial was an important and nearby sector of the Argon Federation. So we would regularly send our information to be analysed and archived.

Having finished with the faction representative I find the passenger and tell them I’m ready to go. As we approach the Solitude I notice Miss Armstrong hastily getting out of the pilot seat and make her way over to the entry ladder.
I’m aboard your ship and ready to depart. the passenger tells me as she heads towards the cabins.
Who is she and what is she doing here. What about the protocols? Miss Armstrong whispers.
Responding with a firm but hushed tone She’s a short trip passenger, it will be fine. If you don’t want to analyse any more data you can make sure she stays in the cabin for the trip.

I take the pilot seat and lift off from the pad. Shortly landing at a neighbouring station where our impromptu passenger alights. I then fly to the shipyard to order a capital ship before heading to Second Contact Flashpoint.

While one the highway I take a fix on our navigation beacon near the highway and then set the final destination as Antigone Memorial, following our marked route. The navigation subroutines give an alert to align with each beacon over the route and eventually we arrive at Takaharu Memorial Station Antigone Memorial without incident for a meeting with Duke Collins. This is about the fourth budget estimate instalment that’s been requested and although the inventories are nearly full and I’m starting to suspect where everyone got the funds for my new personal ship. I tell Collins I’ll transfer the estimate amount and assign more ships to the station.

After the meeting I find a quiet corner of the station and query the Sandwell Archives about the Branch 9 Generation of Xenon.

- Xenon Battleship: Branch 9 Designation - [Current Entry]

A vessel larger than the Xenon K [REF# XEN 800-B9/C0] It is armed with multiple graviton cannons. Already the exterior displays defensive improvements, reducing critical tactical vulnerabilities. Size suggests an increasing capability of the Xenon.

Further intel on vessel required.

Current advice for pilots of the Republic or the Argon Federation:

Superior Fleet Engagement Advised.
Stations Targeted advised to evacuate personnel and engage with station defence sub-systems

[REF# XEN800-B9/C2 -C.A]

Before heading to Segaris to purchase a few blueprints.

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Re: [X4 SV+CoH] After The Supernova (CoH Project Genesis)

Post by Ormac » Sun, 21. Apr 24, 15:21

To Better and Beta Ideas

Returning to the Solitude, I have an uneventful trip to Argon Prime where I will take delivery of my new capital ship a Behemoth Vanguard. Which I shall christen Camelopardias, after the constellation.
Flying in Argon Prime towards the Shipyard the object recognition system acts a bit oddly. Seeming to repeat the general object identification.
Diagnostic Mode for a quick check of the system

# >DLNO034xX
# Localised Ship Instruction Chipset Loaded…
# Redundancy Text Diagnostic Mode Applied…
# Enter Next Command
#>cat -integrity
# Component Audit Test
# Biosphere Integration Overview System [v 6.20]
# // load integrity table (tablehash 511811)
# // audit component modules

The modules return values matching those of the comparison table, everything looks normal

Docking the Solitude on one of the four small landing pads I head towards the bridge and order the captain fly to Silent Witness I. Once there I order Bone Naga and her escorts to join us as well as have Manda with the Geometric Owl dock. The trade ships I intend to transfer to the Teladi will perform some trades while I get organised for returning to the Split.

Once the Geometric Owl has landed I take a trip to Eighteen Billion and purchase a few extra freighters and then assist someone by collecting jettisoned medical supplies.
Returning to Silent Witness, an Argon notification the there will be heightened military activity in Hatikvah’s Choice. Ordering the Camelopardias with Bone Naga following behind we move to the sector and position our selves south of the highway.

There are xenon entering in waves and several xenon zoom into the sector and begin gathering round a location south of highway. Sending the escorts of to investigate and redistribute the xenon

Detecting, a hostile station at location sir.

I walk over to the tactical station and scan the monitor.
Captain Barnard, what’s your situation over there?
Ma,am The Xenon ships were dealt with, transporters by the look of the debris.
Are you detecting a Xenon station?
A moment..Yes Tactical is reading a station, and the fleet confirms the process of construction.

Returning to the command deck.

Captain Riano, Prepare to attack the Xenon Station.
Awaiting Orders
Captain Riano, Attack the Xenon Station.
Awaiting Orders.
Are you refusing the order, Rickerd?[
A few moments of rising tension. The bridge goes momentarily silent.
Yes Ma’am
Secure Captain Riano to his quarters. Make sure he is aware of the alternative lodgings available.

Once he’s escorted from the bridge I step up to the Command Console.
Helm move to the Xenon Station, maintain maximum engagement range.
Fire Control, ready Main guns and set L turrets to Capital target, M Turrets to fighters.

Commander, station is now in firing range.
Target the Station and Open Fire.

When the station is destroyed and the build storage cleared I move the ship to the other side of the highway and then get an update on the overall battle. There are quite a number of Xenon fighters supporting 3 Ks The Argon seem to be hampering one K. Fighters seem to be continuing in waves making runs at a station close to the highway near our position or for the highway itself. My escorts are intercepting a few individual fighters but seem to be stretching their line. The Argon finally defeat their K but that leave the other two who seem to turn their attention to the station.

As the Ks approach I decide to withdraw my forces to an Argon Defence Station and call for the Chimera. As we withdraw one of the K’s moves into the stations defensive fire zone and appears to crumple quicker than I expected. I guess the Argon had hampered it or had prepared the station defences well.

Commander, Chimera has arrived on deck.
Thankyou Comms, Inform Security Riano may resume command.

I make my way to the flight deck and take the Chimera and head towards the last known K.
Once located I engage in my ship breaking pattern and order Riano to move the Camelopardias outside the engagement zone and await instructions which he’s quite happy to do. I cripple both engines of the K and waiting for the shields to recharge while other alarms indicating various hull breaches to varying significance. And then try sniping various turrets. I’ve destroyed the port side turrets exposing the K however my destroyer is sitting off the starboard broadside. I’m trying to snipe a few turrets off the starboard side when I notice some heavy volleys incoming from the south.

There’s an Odysseus just pounding the K and a few moments later the computer warns of a nearby imminent explosion. I lift the nose of the fighter up and open the throttle, I’m out of the danger zone. With the end of that destroyer the current Xenon sortie is defeated. I scan the wreck and scavenge what I can and have the Bone Naga and the Sloth scavenge what other wrecks are about. Sending the Camelopardias back to Silent Witness.

I head to Hatikvah’s Choice III to register with the Argon in their war against the Xenon.

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Re: [X4 SV+CoH] After The Supernova (CoH Project Genesis)

Post by Ormac » Sun, 5. May 24, 06:40

Solar Flares Cause Havoc

Signing up to aid the Argon in their war against the Xenon is a completely voluntary action. They give a brief history of the Xenon, saying they're from the Terraformers of old. This is part of a basic Protectorate Education so I know of this already. The threat that the Xenon pose is about the only thing the Community of Planets universally agree on, to the point that the Holy Order of the Pontifex pledge temporary cease fires if there are Xenon in the area.

824-12-17 Solar Flares Could Cause Havoc

Its hard to believe that forty years ago our galactic network ceased to operate. Once more a stable connection of trade and communication it is frightening at times to consider how fragile this system happens to be. With many organisations working independently or collaboratively to try to understand the inner workings of the Gates. Recent solar flare activity observed across a number of systems of the gate network have some scientists concerned about the stability of the network, and rushing to observe and collect data.

Others are more concerned about the potential havoc these wide spread stellar phenomena could have on industry since the energy cell underpins the entire economy. Powering space stations and providing for efficient mining operations. Should industry struggle what calamity should the Xenon attack.

Aron Koen Federation Science and Industry Reporter

Unsure if the recent solar flare activity has had any marked effect on Xenon activity, The Argon Navy is taking no chances and maintaining their Xenon War readiness. One of the first tasks I perform is a patrol of Hativah’s Choice I and after the earlier skirmish it’s generally quiet a few Xenon slip in mostly raiding parties or transports that are either dealt with or leave the system. We’re paid at the end of the patrol and there’s a ton of our own tactical and strategic data that we collected from this exercise.

Next I undertake a series of missions to help prepare the Hatikvah sectors withstand a siege by the Xenon. The preparation involves shipping food and medical supplies across the sector to ensure stations can support their workforce and any refugees they receive.

There is also a station that will be critical to their war effort that they wish to have reliably productive so in preparation. I shift a few of my Hokkaidos beyond the Terran frontier and have them begin to gather resources. Once the Argon are ready to increase the productivity of the station I have 3 hours to supply it with material that will fill at least 50% of their operating demands. Fortunately They’re container storage already meets this requirements but their Silicon demand is unfulfilled. Their maximum demand is 49k units and as one Hokkaido is not going to fill that demand in three hours I purchase a few Magnetars and some Drills as well as two Teladi Cranes spreading them between Morning Star and Hatikvah’s Choice III.

After two hours the station reaches the required production targets, and the Argon are satisfied with the regions siege preparations.

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Re: [X4 SV+CoH] After The Supernova (CoH Project Genesis)

Post by Ormac » Sun, 19. May 24, 06:05

Machines of Construction

The Fleet is assembled at Morning Star III. I’m deciding to reorganise my fleet and will have Bone-Naga lead a some of the Paranid Corvettes I procured. Those are currently escorting the Tern Vanguard [WZM-721] and the Vulture Vanguard [XIA-771] for the Teladi Trade Guild. Both ships were transferred once the guild inspectors arrived and I received reimbursements. I might also have Sloth lead a small wing.

That leaves the Porcupine so I take the Geometric Owl over to consult with Hoealeos as I feel the Porcupine is just too slow to use in the front line. We’re heading to The Void to allow me to finalise a build plot. I’ve purchased a Kyushu Construction Vessel and an Okinawa Trader to Ferry the Construction Materials from Segaris. I provide the Construction Engineer my own plans for a Terran Solar Power Plant. Before moving on towards Getsu Fune.

Upon entering the Sector were greeted by a general broadcast from the Terran Protectorate inviting anyone not of the Sol stellar system to sign up for their foreign auxiliaries of the Solborn Militia to help do their part to protect the denizens of Sol from the Xenon. Now why the Terrans have to treat Getsu Fune as yet another buffer zone like they treat Brennan’s Triumph, Gaian Prophecy and Segaris for their lone star system is beyond me. I leave the Porcupine for the Geometric Owl and fly to Sol. I spend a few hours completing a planetary tour of the system except for that third planet before returning to the Void.

I almost turn the Owl around when two Xenon Destroyers are detected. Remembering that the weapon configuration is similar to the Chimera I decide to immobilise the destroyers. Calling in Camelopardis to kill them outright. Riano is on his way but it might take a while to arrive, so I better get started.

The two Xenon can’t quite defend each other and if they can’t move than that can’t happen so I damage the engines and start disabling some surface elements before risking full throttle to dash to the other destroyer. There are still defences and the destroyer I’m leaving hits me with intense volleys of bolt fire the shields absorb most of projectiles but when the capacitors are discharged a burst impacts the hull of the ship itself. A sudden vector change and I fly out of range but at a safe approach angle to the new Xenon target. I’m flying along the hull preparing to immobilise the second destroyer. Destroy one engine and then the second effectively cripple the graviton turrets but my sparring with the Xenon has resulted in some further damage to the craft the cockpit is starting to fill with smoke. Various panels are either lighting up with warnings, not lighting up or sparking.

I zip back towards the first Xenon. Support begins arriving in the form of an Antigone Response Squadron and A Terran Intervention Fleet. The squadron intent on the Xenon I am now approaching while the Terrans are focused on the second Destroyer. Camelopardis also arrives but is currently on the other side of The Void.

My eyes are stinging and I begin coughing from smoke filling the cockpit.
Manda suddenly assists me from the pilot chair and switches on the autopilot.
Pioola we have to get out! The Owl’s not going to hold together!
Crouching we hurry towards the airlock, behind us cockpit panels explode.
Grabbing the emergency oxygen canisters to enable us to breathe in the smoke filled passageway Manda seals and locks the cockpit behind us. Then we head to the airlock and suit up. As we’re checking each others seals as per Evacuation Protocols, I’m feeling the Owl vibrate violently as it seems to be flying apart. Seals secure we manually open and close the inner lock before manually opening the outer lock to jettison ourselves out into space. Using the suits thrusters to move away from the Owl before turning to see it almost entirely engulfed in a fireball.

Which eventually burns out while we wait for rescue.

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Re: [X4 SV+CoH] After The Supernova (CoH Project Genesis)

Post by Ormac » Sun, 16. Jun 24, 07:57

Geometric Wreck

The Porcupine is the closest vessel to respond to our rescue.
We are both directed to the airlock, and then on to the medical bay to be checked over.
As we are checked over in the medical bay Hoealeos approaches.

Ma’am Shall we ssssalvage the ship?
Isn’t The Owl a complete wreck?
Nooo Ma’am, Ship Computer recognisesss Geometric Owl dissstinctly.
Is it safe to do so?
Terransss destroy all Xenon. All perfectly sssafe.
Can we bring it on board?
Ssssalvage not eassy,Verry Expensive.
Hoealeos, I’m not paying you to salvage the ship, I’m asking can we do it.
Porcupine hass no droness. Needs sssspecial drones, expensive dronesss.
I’m still not paying you to outfit or perform a salvage.

Leaving a sad sounding Saurian I go to one of the reserved cabins and look over the crew lists of my large miners which have a variety of drones in their load outs. Finding a potentially suitable one I decide to visit one such miner and explore this improvised salvage idea with the engineering specialists. Ordering a Hokkaiddo to mine the void before transporting over.

Ryo Han the Drone Operations Specialist has an idea to manually operate a repair drone and gather the remnants of the Geometric Owl, deposit it on a Cargo Drone and hold the ship in a designated hanger bay as is usually the case. Concerned if he can effectively handle the complicated transfer, Ryo assures me that he can. The mining drones are left to automatically gather minerals while Ryo remotely operates a repair drone and a cargo drone to perform the salvage operation. Operating with two overlay monitors, one for each drone Ryo flys both drones to the site of what’s left of the Geometric Owl.

You may commence the Recovery operation.
Positioning Cargo Drone to connect with Object Central Mass.
Target Object now resting on Cargo Drone, Target Integrity 2%.
Switching to Repair Drone.
Using Multi Function Tool, Cutter Mode.
Cutting section One 121.0 mm from Central Mass
Securing Section One, completing Cut.
Placing Section on Cargo Drone.
Cutting Section Two 121.0 mm from Central Mass.
Securing Section Two, placing Section on Drone.

Is the Salvage Phase Complete?
Target Object has been Salvaged Ma'am.
Is the Material Secure?
Cargo Drone showing all content secured Ma'am.
Setting Repair Drone to Standby.
Switching to Cargo Drone.
Flying Cargo Drone to Porcupine, Speed 23.21 m/s.

After a few minutes.
Drone Requesting Docking with Porcupine.
Allowing Docking subroutines to Take over.

With the successful completion of the mission Ryo returns the drones before resuming his regular duties aboard ship. Before I transport back to the Porcupine I request Danielle Armstrong who is almost a 3 star engineer from the Hokkiado to go and work with Manda Gisler. I then find Manda and Hoealeos and inform them about the rebuilding project of the Geometric Owl, retaining what can be salvaged, even the electronics. I’ve indicated to Hoealeos I’ll cover all reasonable expenses of the project.


Credits: 197.568,808

Segaris Station
Frog [VDV-141]

Takaharu Memorial Station
Hokkaido (Gas) [AXP-469]
Hokkaido (Mineral) [KBR-924]

The Void Solar Power Plant I [QCT-797]

Bone Naga [RDX-351] (Meli Barnard)
Camelopardis [SRL-694](Rickerd Riano)
Chimera [PXJ- 453]
Geometric Owl [QSK-395] (Manda Gisler) [2% --Rebuilding]
Kyushu [OCS-229]
Magpie Sentinel [NJR-704]
Nemesis Vanguard x 6
Porcupine [BMU-852] (Hoealeos)
Rapier [FHK-882] (Devika)
Rapier x3
Raven [ACN-270] (Foologos)
Sloth [LYK-186] (Bela Grey)
Solitude [LNO-034]
Tuatara [ZYP-027]

Bolo (Mineral) x2
Drill (Mineral) x3
Crane (Mineral) x 2
Hokkiado (Gas) [BJR-924]
Hokkiado (Mineral) x 2
Magnetar (Mineral) Vanguard x2

Baldric ([CCC-215]
Comorant Vanguard x 4
Ides Sentinel [SJR-187]
Vulture Vanguard x 3
Heron Vanguard [QER-971]
Okinawa [AKK-164]

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